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WebApps : Everything you need to know

A best solution to fit the Gap between WEBSITE and MOBILE APPS

  • What is Web Apps?

    The apps that run on mobile browser are known as Web Apps. This new technology is also called as progressive web apps, the web can now become an app.

    The primary benefit is that these do not need much space on the phone, because there is nothing to download. Second, you don’t need powerful specifications to run all the laslide apps, so even an affordable Android phone will do just fine.

  • What can be Expected?

    Web apps come to market as a best solution for the challenges of the mobile apps. We invest and develop mobile apps for our business or for our online store for easy access and achieve device friendly experience for our targeted customers. Fighting against the poor shelf life and the cross development investment of the mobile apps, web apps comes to the stage with a great defense and support to the online store owners.

    It helps that the experience of using Web apps isn’t that much inferior to native apps, at least not any more.

  • Some technical insights.

    The web apps are built in the HTML5, CSS and JavaScript coding languages and are compatible across new major browsers and platforms.

    A Web apps functions like a conventional app, and has access to the phone’s accelerometer, GPS, gyroscope, touch screen, Bluetooth, etc., offering a similar user experience.

    Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari are already catering to the demands of businesses and adding access to mobile hardware like Bluetooth, camera, mic, vibration, GPS, even allowing Web apps to work in the offline mode.

    The World Wide Web Consortium (, an international community that develops standards for the Web, is working to create Web app standards. This includes how Web apps will handle graphics, device notifications, payments, data storage, GPS and the accelerometer.

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