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Title:People take to crowdfunding for a range of projects

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The days of going door-to-door, asking for funds to see an idea to fruition are long gone. Now, getting funds for a project is as easy as starting a campaign on one of the many crowdfunding sites online.

Several start-ups have received much-needed support this way and have gone on to become successful businesses; the criticallyacclaimed 2013 Kannada film Lucia also saw the light of day this way . A range of projects have since made their way online for everything from funding plays, movies and even pizza. We take a look at some interesting ongoing crowdfunding projects online.

The Wedding Party: Prominent city theatre personality Kirtana Kumar is aiming to raise `3 lakh for this play under her theatre company . The play has a big cast and the team wants to ensure that it is seen by a large audience as it is about unravelling sexual mores and attitudes in Bengaluru.Thespo 17: The 17th edition of the youth theatre festival is looking to raise `5 lakh to bring trainers from the UK, Canada, Italy and Australia to work with young theatre talent from across India.They have collected nearly 50% of this amount, and have only 12 days to raise the rest. Those who contribute get something in return depending on the amount they pledge -from T-shirts to their name being displayed at the venue.Dramebaaz: Another theatre festival for children, Dramebaaz will see 15 Teach for India schools each performing 10-minute plays.Each school has been trained by mentors with a theatre background over a period of three months. The founders believe that theatre can go a long way in developing a child's learning capacity , values and personality , which is why they are trying to raise `1 lakh. Having gathered close to `20,000, they have nine days to raise the remaining amount.

Harivu: The makers of this 2014 National Award-winning Kannada movie, starring National Award-winner Sanchari Vijay and Shweta Desai, are raising money to ensure that it reaches a larger audience. The campaign was started after the producer failed to do so via conventional distribution methods. Unfortunately , they have managed to raise only `500 from the projected `3.5 lakh.Mantra: Starring actors such as Rajat Kapoor, Kalki Koechlin and Adil Hussain, the movie, which is the story when India opened up its economy to the world in 1991, is looking to collect `20 lakh, of which close to `16.5 lakh has been raised so far. The campaign will be active for 16 more days.

The Gaysi Zine Graphic Anthology: The 2015 print edition of India's first queer magazine of graphic fiction, cartoon, comic strips and true sto ries is looking for funders to cover the costs of bringing out the magazine. The team wants to position itself on the same level as other globally-available queer magazines. They were looking to raise `2 lakh, but have already surpassed their goal by over `15,000. The project will be online for nine more days.

Soap recycling: Backed by a study that found that 70 million people in India have never us ed soap, a group in Mumbai wants to raise `7 lakh to recycle soap by collecting it from luxury hotels and distributing it to underserved communities nearby . The money collected will go towards expanding this initiative in cities like Bengaluru and Delhi.

Feed a hungry soul: An NGO for animals wants to raise `1 lakh, of which it has managed to get almost `85,000 to feed 1,000 street dogs for a month in cities like Delhi and Chennai. All contributors will be given information about how many dogs are fed, along with pictures of the actual feeding.

They have 10 days left to collect the remaining amount.

Walk 1,000 kms: People from across the country have started their own campaigns to raise money for an NGO that provides healthcare for newborn infants of vulnerable communities in South India. The individual campaigns aim to collect between `50,000 and `5 lakh for the NGO, and in return, the campaigners pledge to walk or run 1,000 kms by the end of the year. Many have been successful in raising as much as `14,500-`1 lakh each.

Celebs pitch in
Meditating and cycling to health: Badminton ace Ashwini Ponnappa has started a crowdfunding project to `spread happiness and health' to underprivileged children. A supporter of an NGO for children, Ashwini believes that there is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. Her aim is to raise `5 lakh, but has managed to rake in only `15,100. He campaign will be active for 56 more days.United We Are: Dutch DJ Hardwell will play in Mumbai next month, as a run-up to which he has started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a charity project that will provide education for Indian children. The DJ is opening up his personal guest list to the concert, as everyone who contributes is guaranteed access to the event; those who pledge higher amounts even stand a chance to have dinner with the DJ.With 23 days left, of the `67.5 lakh that he hopes to raise, the campaign has managed to rake in only `5,540 so far.

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