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Title:Ways to beat stress at workplace

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In highly competitive career times, stress is most common. How to beat that work stress?

Career is a word that comprises so many things within it. Competition, meeting deadlines or targets, follows ups, performance appraisals and lots more that keep us busy on professional end so as to enhance the path of career. As we are strangled chasing these professional commitments, stress levels are at their peak high. Here are few quick ways to beat stress at work place:

1. Keep yourself calm and composed in adverse situations
2. Eat healthy and with a proper time-gap in between. Always remember healthy food helps you keep calm and composed even in adverse situations.
3. Always prioritize your health to work
4. Keep an even distribution of work load to avoid last minute anxieties
5. Exercise, yoga and meditation work wonders in overcoming stress
6. Keep yourself into light mood at work place by listening to music or taking a small break in light talks with your colleagues or friends
7. Drink more water and green tea. More fluids intake will help you control the hormonal imbalance which leads to stress.



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