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Title:Google's Gary Illyes Wants Google Now To Power E-Commerce Purchases

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Gary Illyes of Google is at another conference this year, and last night he was on stage at the State of Search conference in Texas. So there is a lot of stuff he said, that I will cover over the next day or two (maybe 4 to 6 items).

He said that he would love to see Google Now replace traditional e-commerce transactions. There were several tweets covering Gary saying this, here is one:

Matthew Decuir @MattBasically
.@methode hopes that at one point, Google Now will replace traditional ecom experiences. #StateofSearch

Truth is, Google launched a form of this with Google Shopping called Buy It Now, which they are testing with select merchants. They want to make buying directly from the search results super fast. Of course, that purchase is through AdWords, so a paid ad.

Maybe Gary Illyes is saying he wants a similar experience in the organic free results. But I doubt we will see that any time soon. I mean, seriously, you search for flowers, how the heck is Google going to decide which merchant the buy experience should be through in the Google Now experience.

I guess this is potentially just a wish list item from Gary, and potentially not something he saw Google experimenting with internally?

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