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Title:​4 International recruiters on how to get a job via LinkedIn

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According to Statista, LinkedIn has reported 396 million members this year, which means one really needs to scuffle his way to get noticed in the huge pool of job seekers.

But, this indispensable professional networking site- LinkedIn can prove to be a game-changer if used prudently. Hence, we bring you four international recruiters with their insight on how LinkedIn can land you your dream job.

Collaborate internationally by joining LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn is one of the best tools for networking your way to the job/career you are seeking. You can start with joining groups of the same interest among your LinkedIn colleagues. This would help you to collaborate internationally to open more doors and you'll be amazed to discover skills/qualifications you never knew you had. Thus, if used smartly, LinkedIn can help you find your dream job.

​- ​Quinn Hedrick, MSHR of QHC Quinn Hedrick Consultancy

Becoming proactive on LinkedIn is the key
First of all, one should complete their LinkedIn profile and include all the necessary details that can help fetch a job. Then, I would recommend becoming an active user of LinkedIn and participate in the LinkedIn groups related to your profession. Ask questions, answer questions. Be proactive. A resume is not going to do it anymore as you need to get out and connect with people.

One should also focus on using the LinkedIn advanced search capabilities. You should be able to search for hiring contacts within your specialty and connect with them. Many candidates will only reach out to the HR and not make any effort to connect with someone who could be their next boss.

- ​John Palcisko, President at JDP Search Group

Get introduced before applying for a job
My most commonly offered piece of advice is encouraging people to leverage their LinkedIn network. You've found an opportunity that grabs your attention? Before applying check your network to see if you have a connection that works there or has worked there. They may be able to help with an introduction!

- Edward Frankel, Vice President, Director of Talent Acquisition at The CDM Group

Do not 'blanket message' everyone on Linkedin
Keep it personal, and to the point. Recruiters receive hundreds of job applications, so it is important to grab their attention. You should also make sure that your approach is correct. Most recruiters are specialized in a certain field so you are just wasting your time "blanket messaging" any and all recruiters on LinkedIn. This should help to reduce the number of messages you need to send out.



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