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Title:Are you having unwanted sugar? Here's help

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Foods that have 'healthy', 'fat-free', 'zero-oil', 'diet chivda or diet fries', 'no-cholesterol' marked on them project a healthy halo and many of us are tempted to choose these over the others while shopping.

Most of these so-called diet foods can backfire — you could end up with lot of unwanted sugar when you are opting for a low-fat food item. A simple carbonated drink, which you might think isn't fattening, usually has excess sugar. Too much of sugary foods in your daily meals cannot just make you fat, but may also increase your risk of diabetes, cancer or even heart diseases. Many over-the-counter fast foods, drinks, pre-sweetened foods and packaged foods are laden with refined white sugar that can be extremely harmful. Experts state that instead of completely doing away with sugar, you could replace sweet dishes with something that is healthier, without being unpalatable.

Choose wholewheat
Instead of maida, opt for wholewheat. This fibre is good for health. There are some cake varieties available that have healthy fibre and fruits in them and do not have white sugar, butter or eggs. These are especially good if you want to hog on guilt-free desserts.

Have an apple crumble
Do not avoid sugar completely because that may lead to unnecessary craving. Instead, choose desserts that are made in a healthy way. For instance, an apple crumble can be made with very little sugar.

Add raisins and fruits
Instead of pre-sweetened cereals, opt for ones in which you can add raisins and dried figs. You could also opt for seasonal berries and fresh fruits that are naturally sweet — apples or chikoo.

Use dried fruits to sweeten your dish
Using dried figs or anjeer in your sweet dish can make it healthier. There are some desserts that are made with just dates that are not just nutritious, but tasty too.



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