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Title:Coimbatore Marathon 2018

News Paper

The Coimbatore Marathon is not just about the race we are all about the community spirit, bringing together people from various walks of life, showcasing the city of Coimbatore and promoting the cause Cancer. In its 6th year, the theme is to INSPIRE with the Triangle of Inspiration combining the three elements of the city, fitness and the cause.

The journey began in 2013, when the first Coimbatore Marathon was held. What sparked it off? A discussion at Coimbatore Cancer Foundation (CCF) on how to initiate an event that would help create awareness on cancer, raise funds for the same and promote good health. Coimbatore Runners took charge, bringing in their army of runners and thus the event was born. Show Space events from Chennai joined forces and it has been an ongoing partnership that has been running for six years and counting.

The first edition in 2013 saw over 5000 runners take to the streets of the city, changing the image of Coimbatore from an Industrial town to one that was about running as well.

October being the month associated with Cancer was the chosen month and the first Sunday was the day of the event.

With every year, the event has grown bigger and better, and we are in the 6th edition this year, looking forward to 15000+ runners. It makes us proud to know we have made a difference to so many lives through the event. Every mile you run, you change things!


The Coimbatore Cancer Foundation (CCF) in association with Coimbatore Runners, the force behind the Coimbatore Marathon have been working non-stop to ensure that the running event is a memorable one. Founded on 4th March 1991, CCF operates out of G Kuppusamy Naidu Memorial Hospital, Coimbatore. The Coimbatore Marathon brings together people from various walks of life from across the country to help spread awareness and support those who are fighting cancer.

CCF's vision is to create a world-class marathon which the citizens of Coimbatore will be proud to host, year on year, with runners from all over taking part.

By hosting the marathon every year on the first Sunday of October, with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, CCF aims to make the Coimbatore Marathon a permanent fixture in the running calendar of the country. The beautiful vistas, the brilliant weather and the warm, hospitable people of the city are sure to make the event exciting - in all, this has all the makings of a not-to-be-missed occasion that the running community can look forward to every year.

CCF has teamed up with Coimbatore Runners and Show Space to bring to you the Coimbatore Marathon. Coimbatore Cancer Foundation was conceived by "Padmabhushan" Shri. K. Sreenivasan, who was himself a cancer patient. The Foundation was and established on 4th March, 1991 and currently functions as a registered charitable trust and a research institution providing Counseling and Cancer Care Support to patients and their family members in the cancer wards (VNCC) of G Kuppusamy Naidu Memorial Hospital, Coimbatore.


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