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Title:Google Cleans Up Search URLs In Browser

News Paper

Google seems to have cleaned up their URLs for searches conducted on Google. What I mean is that when you do a search at Google, the URL bar in your browser normally has a pretty long and detailed URL string. That is, unless you use a search tool that cuts it out (like I often do). But now, it seems like the default URL string is much shorter.

Here is an example:

Look how much cleaner, shorter and recognizable the query is in the URL.

Back in 2012, a guy went through over 75 different URL parameters you might find in the Google search URL. Now, there is virtually two that I can see.

Last time Google made a shorter URL like this, they moved their search results page to an AJAX interface for a bit of time.

I did email Google for what this change means, if anything, but have yet to hear back.

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